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Welcome to my web site. I've been fortunate to be able to travel around the world for over 30 years, initially for my (non-photographic) profession, and now to shoot images. My travels have brought me to every continent more than once, often in different seasons. National Geographic expeditions have brought me to Antarctica, the Arctic, and the Galapagos. My portfolio emphasizes nature photography, but it also includes some landscapes, architecture, and, more recently, food (the "Been There, Ate That" portion of the website).

The content of this site is arranged into four groups: Animals, Landscapes, Architecture, and a very different section devoted to fine dining (Been There, Ate That). The Animals section is divided into Birds and Not Birds, reflecting the fact that I specialize in bird photography. Within each of these sections images are arranged by locale and by year (since I have visited many locales multiple times). The Landscape and Architecture sections are arranged in the same fashion. The images represented here are from my digital (vs. film) phase, and emphasize my travels over the past decade. The "Been There, Ate That" section contains images of food, menus, and occasional shots of me, my wife and our friends, often with a chef. 

I hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as I have enjoyed shooting them. Most images are available as prints and you can create your own book or calendar from selected images. Most images have been scaled for 8x12 or 9x9 prints. If you want a large print, contact me. I'll determine if the original image is suitable for a larger print size and if so, create a separate copy scaled to the size you wish.

If you have questions about any of the images, feel free to contact me:


Steve Kent

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My previous profession and vacations, and now my photography career, have brought me to locales  throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Africa, as well as the Arctic and Antarctic regions. I've taken the opportunities afforded by this travel to shoot images throughout the world. I emphasize bird photography, but other animals in exotic locations also have attracted my interest. I am attracted to patterns, both in nature and in human creations, hence my fondness for modern architecture. I also am fascinated by the beautiful presentations crafted by top-tier chefs around the world, hence the recent additional of the "Been There, Ate That" section to this site.

I employed Canon equipment for all of the images displayed here. Most of the animal and landscape images were captured using Canon 1-series professional bodies and L-series lenses. I recently acquired a Canon 5Ds R body, to take advantage of its 50 MP sensor, which has proved very valuable in a number of settings. A few images of architecture (and all of the food shots) were created using a succession of Canon point and shoot cameras, all of which I use for RAW capture.

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