been there, shot that | 2017
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Adelie Penguin + egg 2296Adelie Penguin + eggs 2343Adelie Penguin 1448Adelie penguin 2613Adelie Penguin calling 1944Adelie Penguin ice jumping 1892Adelie Penguin ice jumping 2158Adelie penguin jumping 6363Adelie penguin jumping to fast ice 2591Adelie penguin toboggoning 2624Adelie penguins diving off fast ice 2561Adelie Penguins ice jumping 2397Austral Thrush (+ worm) 8137Austral Thrush 9337Black-browed Albatross (+ egg) 8868Black-browed Albatross (+ egg) 8884Black-browed Albatross (billing) 8437Black-browed Albatross (billing) 8460Black-browed Albatross (billing) 8465Black-browed Albatross (flight) 0891

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