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12a- caramelized fruits, pepper, licorice, uogurt & olive oil crystals 110212a- caramelized fruits, pepper, licorice, uogurt & olive oil crystals 1102
0- Arzak menu1- white tuna with marinated strawberries 10642- scorpion fish pudding with kataifi 0653- chorizo ravioli (on tonic can) 10703- chorizo ravioli (on tonic can) 10714- bitter raspberry with ham-wrapped melon cork 10725 - red cod 10736- cromlech (onion, foie gras, green tea dust) 10797a- grilled baby zucchini & flowers 10817a- lobster, rose water & greens 10807b- corn soup, kernels, fritters 10858- poached, panko-encrusted egg, sacha inchi & crispy milk 10869a- chickpea fritters 10909a- monkfish, crispy lobster %22caviar%22, &  yellow hawthorn sauce 10899b- white tuna with colored garlic petals (on tablet computer) 10919c- sea bass with colored potatoes 109210a- pigeon with citrus and veggies 109310a- watermelon, mint & mushrooms 109510b- suckling pig, longan & flowers11a- chocolate marbles, amaranth & oregano sauce 1097

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