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Exterior sign 2366Exterior sign 2366
Exterior sign 23661a- tomato macroons with mozzarella filing 23721b- "fish & chips" 23702- "oyster in the forrest" 23742a-  cocktail 23733- anchovies under anchovie cream 23774- "east meets west" 23785a- "Caesar salad" 23815b-  "Caesar salad" cross section 22 2384.jpg6- red mullet in tomato broth 23807- "lasagna" 2386OF 8- truffles over porcini 23889a- "oh, deer" 23899b- "oh, deer" 239010- risotto 2396OF 11- ?? dessert 239712a- "bread is gold" 239912b- "bread is gold" cross section 240013a- mignardises 240114- trash + pigeons sculpture 2404

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