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flying pig & skullsflying pig & skulls
DiverXO menu1- scallops & octopus1b- crunchy sandwich with bull tail1c- mini-taco filled with huitlacoche2- steamed white asparagus, red rice, yuzu & suckling pig3- mini-wontons with guava sauce6- stewed cocotxa with green sauce, crunchy niguiri7a- suckling pig ear, hoisin blackberroes, caviar & crepe7b- guinea fowl diumpling, ginseng soup & tear peas7c- dumpling tower (in dry ice)7c- dumpling7d- soja paste, bergamote, lemon chicken, & chinese spices8a- vanilla shrimp, smoked chipotle, gazpacho8b- liquid croquette9- grilled tuna, shiso & lime pesto, bacon, etc10- red mullet sandwich, papaya salad, grilled crayfish11- beef, churros and sauce12- peppers, black garlic butter, XO sauce. purple potato gnocci13- Kobe ossobucco, tamarind sauce & tomato14- rhubarb, sheep & caramel milk, & pink pepper

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