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Shaved foie gras & black truffle over potatoesShaved foie gras & black truffle over potatoes
Tasting menu (15 course)Bread trolleyStrawberry gaspachoShaved foie gras & black truffle over potatoesCaviar over Hamachi & veggiesSalmon tartar topped with caviarCorn veloute with caviar, popcorn & beef geleeLangoustine raviloi with black turffle %22sitcks%22Seared scallop with kumquat saucePorcini royale with parsley emulsionBlack truffles over a crispy onion tartMushroom broth with black trufflesLobster, pinapple & lemongrassCauliflower topped with OursinSea bass with spincah, foam & pepperVeal & veggie pastaSault farrow, black truffle & goldRaspberry dome flowerRaspberry dome flower (top view)Dark Chocolate mousse & Fuji apple

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