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8- red mullet with kombu8- red mullet with kombu
El Celler Can Roca menu0- sign0- wine lists1- chicken corriander, miso cream, panko fried bread, pickled veggies, ... (amuses)2- "memories of a bar in Girona" (amuses)3- starfish (amuse)4- "olives" on a tree (amuse)5- mushroom briche (amuse)6- truffled bonbons (amuse)7- "green salad"8- red mullet with kombu9- oyster10-langoustine with cocoa bean sauce11- baby squid12-prawn marinated in rice vinegar13- red skate confit with pepper and rhubarb14- blackspot seabream with "samfaina"15- Iberian suckling pig & salad16- lamb with eggplant & chickpea puree17- scarlet veal oyster blade

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