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14d- chocolate ice cream, PB cake, cocoa rocks, etc14d- chocolate ice cream, PB cake, cocoa rocks, etc
ABaC menu1- "bloody mary" cocktail2- anemone pizzeta with plankton butter + sundried tomatoes2a- soup under pizzeta3- squid tartare cannelloni + parmesan4- oysters with white asparagus under sunflower seed foam5- sweet corn taco with foie gras + mole ice cream6- grilled eel on brioche with aioli + wasabi7a - infusion for smoked lamb7b- chargrilled & pine shoot-infused suckling lamb + "old cheese" gnocchi8- risotto, anchovy skeleton, fatty fishes, cured meats + Mediterranean herbs9- carbonara pine nuts, parmesan egg white, quail egg + white truffles10- red mullet, dried tomato emulsion, reduced fish stock + kumquat11- beef-style tuna, "almadraba" bacon and Parmentier13- chamomile milk and biscuit roll with light, spicy citruses14a - peanut butter cake infusion14b - making chocolate ice cream14c- hot chocolate & tea infusion14d- chocolate ice cream, PB cake, cocoa rocks, etc15-"fossilized" red fruit tart with chantilly cream, roses, etc

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