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Osprey (flight + fish) 9730Osprey (flight + fish) 9730
Anhinga (br, flight) 3581Anhinga (br, flight) 3584Anhinga (br, flight) 5064Anhinga (flight) 3102Anhinga (swimming) 5451Barred Owl (j + crawfish) 2153Barred Owl (j + crawfish) 2156Barred Owl (j) 2260Black Skimmer (flight) 9298Black Skimmer 7448Black Skimmers (flight) 9399Black-bellied Plover (br) 8950Black-bellied Plover 8939Black-bellied Whistling Duck (portrait) 6587Black-bellied Whistling Ducks (flight) 3147Black-crowned Night Heron (drinking) 3274Black-crowned Night Heron (flight and nesting material) 3315Black-crowned Night Heron (flight) 3341Black-crowned Night Heron (flight) 3611Black-crowned Night Heron (flight) 3613

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Vint Cerf(non-registered)
Stunning collection not only for the photography but for the identification of species.
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