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Duck liver, radish veloute and black truffleDuck liver, radish veloute and black truffle
Tasting menuBread TrolleyBaguette & oilCaviar courseCaviar over crab jellyOursin 3-waysOursin over fennel creamOursin wirth coffee-scented mashed potatoOursin over couscus "maki" rollsPotato salad, tomato confit, parmesean & black truffleSeafood broth (under dome)Seafood broth (uncovered)Langoustine with lemongrass emulsion & leeksDeep fried crabGreen curry emusion (for deep fried crab)Scallop with black truffle, greens and celeriac dressingGorgonzoal emulsion with nuts, fruits & cerealDuck liver, radish veloute and black truffleAmdai (fried with scales on) with lilly-scented brothWaygu beef, potatoes & crispy burdock

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