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12- "broken yogurt jar"12- "broken yogurt jar"
Aranori menuBekari menuClassics menu1- "bloody mary" with anchovy2- basil, curry & wasabi crisps3- anchovy-stuffed black olives4- goat cheese sandwiches5- "the leaves and foie under the rain"5- lobster salad5- prawns and French Beans6- white beans and roasted piparras7- sauteed foie gras 22177- sauteed fgoie gras with "salt and pepper"7- soufleed kokotxa8- beef tartare & potato souffle8- rice with snails & periwinkles9-sea bass as umami9- red mullet 22239- hake, plankton & oyster leaf 222110- roasted pigeon with mole cocoa

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