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Mussels 1551Mussels 1551
Ametsa entrance 1595Ametsa menuParsley Merengue & Foie Gras 1554Parsley Merenmgue with Foie Gras 1557Tomato with Iberico 1550Katafi with Scorpion Fish 1552Scallops & Spider Crab with Cassava "shuffle" 1563Scallops & Spider Crab  1564Lobster with White Olive Oil 1565Egg with "Chistorra" and crumbs 1568Grilled Tuna with Black mojo"  1569Grilled Tuna with Black "mojo" 1572Cod with Morrels and Seaweed 1574Mussels 1551Venison with Red Chilies 1576Ox Cheek with Vanilla 1577Palate cleanser 1578Toasted Milk, Clove Custard & Pineapple Ice Cream 1580Smoked Chocolate with Tonka Bean Ice Cream 1584Mignardises 1589

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