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9- squab, meatballs, potato jelly, salsify9- squab, meatballs, potato jelly, salsify
Enoteca menu1- strawberry pisco sour2- roses & strawberries3a- Thai melon3b- raspberry3c- "gunkan"3d- summer salad3e- tomato & olive3f- corn4- "sea odyssey"5- parmentier of squid, egg yolk and ceps6- scallops, shrimp, parmesan pearls & onion petals7- truffled rice with Ou de reig8- sea bass and baby squid9- squab, meatballs, potato jelly, salsify10- "crepe suzette"11- figs, pomegranate, strawberry, etc.12- chocolate millefeuille13- mignardises

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