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8- mini courgettes and cod8- mini courgettes and cod
Santceloni menu1a- "bloody mary"1b- lentils in oyster broth1c - crispy calamari1d- veggie micro-shrimp chip1e- avocado & fish roe tempura2- squid tartare with beet emulsion3- pork & caviar4- grouper, apple & spinach5- chicken, veggies & wheat crust6- smoked ricotta ravioli & caviar8- mini courgettes and cod9- red mullet & scrambled eggs10- white veal knuckle (sous vide)11a- cheeses11b- more cheeses12- chia soup & strawberry sorbet13- fennel panna cotta, avocado & lemon14- coffee cream with chocolate mousse15- mignardises

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