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5- vegetable leaves and flower petals salad5- vegetable leaves and flower petals salad
Lasarte menu1a- amuses #1 & #21b- shashimi haro on mango cream1c-  tempura anemone1d- crackers topped with micro shrimp & micro gamberones1e- pork belly and foie gras with onion cream1f- cucumber mayo with habanero atop clam and licorice sorbet2- flavored butters & salt3- queen scallop with cauliflower & truffle4- scarlet shrimp with red curry and artichokes5- vegetable leaves and flower petals salad6- "La Trufa"7- Iberian presa on foie gras curd & mustard ice cream8- red prawn on seabed & fennel with coral mayonnaise9- malt & beet "risotto", gorgonzola and stewed eel10- grilled wild turbot and green curry11- grilled pigeon12- chocolate souffle with Earl Grey ice cream

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