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Caviar on Salmon tartar 1728Caviar on Salmon tartar 1728
La Cuisine menuAmuse (fois gras, port reduction & parmesean foam)1724Caviar on Salmon tartar with toast 1726Caviar on Salmon tartar 1728Scottish Scallop with black truffle & slowly cooked leeks 1731Scottish Scallop with black truffle & slowly cooked leeks1733Soft boiled egg on black truffle coulis and young Compte cream 1738Scottish Lobster ravoli in ginger broth1746Black cod in miso on daikon and yuzu mousseline 1749Apsaragus with black truffle & greens (extra course) 1759Quail stiffed with foie gras and mashed potatoes 1756Iberian Pork with endives and creamy polenta 1757Praline & hazlenut cremeaux, pinapple & almmond biscuit 1765Caramel Creme on pear jelly, with Tahatian vanilla 1768Le Dome (chocolate, pear & cream) 1761Le Dome - melting 1762Mignardises 1770Steve, Rachel & Xavier 1772

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