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16- dry ice effect for desserts 192416- dry ice effect for desserts 1924
Coque menu0- Airy bite of red wine0- Bao bread filled with meat & spicy mustard0- Coque club sandwich0- Merlot macaroons with cheese filling0- Sour grape with Sauvignon Blanc1- almonds with salty ice cream and oil extract2- Saam of suckling pig trotters with a sweet Cantonese sauce3- smoked Batavia lettuce with guacamole, coriander, etc4- gastronomic of smoked seeds and spiced vegetables5- river trout in brine with herbs and cauliflower6- octopus cold salad7- cold marinated sturgeon8- braised tuna9- sea urchin "pearls" in Iberian sauce10- stewed chicken with poached egg, stewed ceps and pork belly11- creamy oxtail and shin ravioli with Cab glaze and sirloin12- glazed suckling pig with pumpkin puree13- vodka sponge with coconut ice cream, pineapple and passion fruit foam14- "sunflower" of yuzu and vanilla with flambeed meringue

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