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0- entry silouette0- entry silouette
Alkimia menu0- entry tubes0- entry skeleton0- entry red0- entry silouette0- fish video 15481- tomato 3 ways2- white tuna, herring and pepper sauce3- crab in courgette flower wth oxtail gelee4- grilled sea cucumber with pig's ear5- bocatto di cardinale6- langoustine, prawn and fish tartate with caviar7- baby squid stuffed with black sausage8- langoustine 15669- sea bass 156710- veal sweetbreads 156911- grilled Churra lamb 157212- Manjar Blanc with fruit & dessert wine 57413- chocolate cake with plums in escabetx ice cream 157714- Jordi Vila & the gang 1582

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