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0- Aranori menu0- Bekari menu0- Classics menu0.1- "Bloody Mary" (amuse)0.2- "stuffed" olives, onion and cornichon (amuse)0.3- "witchy" butter0.4- Pig blood on corn crisp (amuse)0.5- Wasabi and currey crisps1A1- "The leaves under the rain"1A2- The foie under the leaves1B- prawns cooked with "Orujo" fire1B-Prawns & beans1C- lobster salad with cider vinegar2A- Langoustine, smoked monkfish and green infusion2B- Chickpeas & violet potatoes2C- Pasta, Piquillo and Ibérico Carpaccio, Mushrooms and Parmesan3A- Squid Crown and Venere Rice3B- Beef Tartare, new Potato Soufflé and Aromatic Herb Bread3C- Soufled Kokotxa, White Garlic Pil-Pil3J- Sautéed Fresh Foie Gras with "Salt Flakes and grain Pepper"

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