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Menu0a- "Fish & Chips" onion ice cream on crisp bread (amuse)0b- Fish & tomato pillow (amuse)0c- Fake Sardine (eel sandwich) (amuse)0d- pepper macaron & Parmigian crisp (amuse)1- Insalata di mare2- Angle hair pasta with crustacean gazpacho3- Mediterranean Sole4- Rice- green over brown over black5- Eel swimming up the River Po6- Autum in New York7- Five ages of Parmiginao Reggiano8- Camouflage pigeon9- Tortellini with cream of Parmigiano Reggiano10- Ciliege, amarene, duroni, marasche, & pane seco11- Millefoglie di millefoglie12- "Oops, I dropped the lemon tart"13- Tiramisu soufflee14a- Mignardises14b- Mignardises

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