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Menu (autographed)0a- Quail egg with tuna mousse & anchovy (amuse)0b- "Pizza" with tomato & toppings (amuse)0c- Seasonal tartlet (aumse)0d- Pumpkin & parsley puree, topped with sunflower seed (amuse)1- Amberjack tartare, mayo, anchovy colatura, & white truffles2- Egg with white truffles3- Pappardelle with hare, foie gras, & white truffles4- Ricotta & spinish dumplings with butter, sage and white truffles5a- Parmigiano Reggiano & white truffles5b- Reduced meat broth & Timor coffee6- Turbot, roasted potatoes, wood-ear mushrooms, cilantro, & white truffles7- Wild duck, duck offal, chestnut puree, & white truffles8- Chocolate meringue with white truffles9- Truffle millefoglie with apples & curry gelato10a- Ricotta & apricot (mignardises)10b- Hazelnut & chocolate (mignardises)10c- Cherry stuffed with mint & cherry mousse (mignardises)

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