been there, shot that | Baffin & Ellesmere Islands and Greenland (2016)
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Northern Fulmar 3145Northern Fulmar 3145
Greater Black-backed gull (harassing Kittiwake with fish) 4352Greater Black-backed gull (j + fish) 1314Greater Black-backed gull (j) 2764Greater Black-backed gull (j, take off) 1316Greater Black-backed gull (j, take off) 2459Greater Black-backed gull 4350Greater Black-backed Gull 6214Greater Black-backed gulls (growler takeoff + landing) 2449Greater Black-backed gulls (on bergie bit, Ilulissat) 2488Greater Black-backed gulls (on bergie bit, Ilulissat) 2773Lesser Black-backed Gull 5137Kittiwake (+ meal) 7965Kittiwake (j) 7989Kittiwake (take off) 7983Kittiwake 7969Kittiwakes (+ Greater Black-backed gull) 0824Northern Fulmar (dark phase) 2140Northern Fulmar (take off) 3074Northern Fulmar 2446Northern Fulmar 3145

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