been there, shot that | Baffin & Ellesmere Islands and Greenland (2016)
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Bearded Seal (in water) 0498Bearded Seal (in water) 0498
Bearded Seal (in water) 0498Bearded Seal (on ice) 0278Bearded Seal (on ice) 0625Bearded Seal (water entry) 0279Bearded Seal (water entry) 0280Bearded Seal (water entry) 0281Bearded Seal (water entry) 0282Bearded Seal (water entry) 0283Bearded Seal (water entry) 0284Bearded Seal (water entry) 0285Humpback (back flip) 2128Humpback (breech + iceberg) 2258Humpback (breeching) 2171Humpback (breeching) 2173Humpbacks (lunge feeding) 2072Humpbacks plunge feeding 14771Polar Bear (+ gulls) 8532Polar Bear (+ kill) 6848Polar Bear (+ kill) 9116Polar Bear (+ reflection) 8736

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