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0- Menu (autographed)1- Moringa & prawn gyoza (amuse)2- Banana & squid (amuse)3- Urban seafood (amuse)4- "Cecina" & kalamata (amuse)5- Black pudding rod (amuse)6a- Lobster with bee pollen6b- Fish of the day marinated with "patxaran" & purple corn7- Scarlet prawn with crunchy krill8a- Crab on fire8b- Egg with corn9a- Monkfish Cleopatra9b- Sole with millenary mushroom10a- Orange pigeon10b- Sailor's lamb11a-  Belaric tonic with hibiscus11b- Chestnut frost12a- Vietnamese chocolate, acai and yellow sauce12b- pinapple ice cream12c- Square moon

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