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6- caviar with smoked sabayon6- caviar with smoked sabayon
menu1- foie amuse2- beet & mushroom amuse3- potato & leek amuse4-  oysters tartare & lemon granite5- Blue Lobster "land & sea"6- caviar with smoked sabayon7- monkfish, mushrooms & roasted potatoes8a- "frozen" salmon prep8b- "frozen" salmon ingredients8c- "frozen" salmon broth8d- "frozen" salmon & citrus caviar9- lightly steamed fois gras10a- artichoke soup & black truffles10b- brioche with black truffles11a- barbqued pigeon11b- spinach & mushroom gratin12- comte cheese, young & old with jellies13- pear-focused pre-dessert14 - poached Granny Smith apple, quince & popcorn

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