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Menu0a- carrots woth anchoy mayo and toasted sessame seeds amuse0a- crisps0b- lamb terrine on toast amuse0c- tarragon, dill & parsley with beef heart between fried corn slides amuse0d- finely chopped mussels with potato foam & thyme oil amuse1- raw tuna & herbs wrapped in chard2a- Mushroom, crispy flax seeds and blue cheese2b- Mushroom, crispy flax seeds and blue cheese3- Pig snout, parsley, mussels & lime4a- Carbonara Egg 65º4b-  Carbonara Egg 65º5- Pasta tomatoes, anchovies, buffalo cream & lovage6- Chicken liver ravioli, hazelnut broth, & white truffles7a- "Encased" risotto7b- "Encased" risotto8- Grilled lobster, black cabbage & celery root9- Smoked Waygu beef, peanut puree & aubergine10- Yuzu, almond and chamomile11- mignardises

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