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ABaC menu1- Lime Cactus, tequilla and meringue leaves2- Galacian salmon, trout eggs, egg yolk, envased in Nori3a- Ice Mojito3b- Ice Mojito4a- Uni %22soup%22 and uni on fried kale4b- "Fossilized" uni on crisp kale5- Norwegian Lobster, almonds, and lemon grass broth6- Carrot mussels escabeche7- Amelie Esmerald oyster, with fermented cabbage & smoked pipara8- Sole, caviar, sea weed, consomme and olive oil9- Pork belly, almonds and beans10- Tuna belly, tuna risotto & pecorino foam11- Duck rillettes with spicy "blinies" & salad12a- Grilled duck magret under glass12b- Grilled duck magret, pumpkin sauce & spices13- Pigeon with romseco sauce, beets & hazelnut oil14- Cured whey cheese-style Greek yogurt with honey, sage and nuts15a- Chocolate Fragile crate15b- Chocolate Fragile crate

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