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Menu (autographed)0- Butters (beetroot, salted, spinach, boletus)1- Rhubarb crunch2a- Smoked eel, foie gras, etc2b- Smoked eel, foie gras, etc3- "Tortilla" of ham and truffle4- Red shrimp royale5a- Caviar gel with asparagus (pcikled & cream)5b- Caviar gel with asparagus (pcikled & cream)6a- Oyster with iced cucumber6b- Oyster with iced cucumber7- Tamara, beetroot & horseradish8- Vegetable hearts salad9- Langoustine & coral mayonaise10- "The truffle"11- Grilled hake cocount, & crunchy razor shells12- Squab with olive bites & endive13a- Lemon with basil juice & almonds13b- Lemon with basil juice & almonds14- Almond honeycomb & iced cinnamon

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