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20- more chocolate bonbons 21020- more chocolate bonbons 210
0- La Terraza del Casino menu1- "sangria" cocktail 11701- sangria-infused peaches 11712- olive oil "butter" (in tube) and micro greens 11753- chocolate (white) & foie gras bagel 11784- inside out tuna sushi (-rice) 11795- frozen parmesan strawberry 11766- Galician "octopus" & aioli 11807- shrimp "omelet" (micro tortilla) 11848- micro Peking duck 11839- texture of hazelnut 118210a- fried sardine & "mojito" 118510b- fried sardine accroutements 118610c- fried sardine (completed) 118711a- frozen gazpacho (deconstructed)  118811b- frozen gazpacho (inside) 118912- Calamari "risotto" 119013- Madrilenian "ajo blanco" 2013 119214- Baby cuttlefish, endive, rabbit jus 119515a- slow poached egg, sweetbreads & mushrooms 1198

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