been there, shot that | Baffin & Ellesmere Islands and Greenland (2016)
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Iceberg (Holms Ø) 1698Iceberg (Holms Ø) 1698
80º North 373980º North 374980º North 3780Beechy Island - shoreline 3344Borden Peninsula + explorers 6097Bowdoin Fjord 4070Disko Island (basalt columns) 5195Disko Island (basalt columns) 5197Disko Island (basalt columns) 5254Disko Island (basalt columns) 5278Disko Island (stream) 5202Disko Island + explorers 5167Holms Island (iceberg + Zodiac) 1699Holms Island (reflection) 1782Holms Island 1754ice pack 6165Iceberg (+ Zodiacs) 8201Iceberg (Baffin Bay) 5363Iceberg (Bowdoin Fjord) 4099Iceberg (Cape York Fjord) 1506

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